About the Wisconsin Supplier Network

Connecting Wisconsin Suppliers to New Business Growth Opportunities

The Wisconsin Supplier Network (WSN) is an online directory platform designed to connect suppliers and service providers to new business growth opportunities. Companies are expanding or relocating to Wisconsin use WSN to help identify a local supply chain, while companies already based in Wisconsin rely on WSN to source new services or products. In addition, WSN is a communication platform that provides regular newsletters and alerts to promote new business opportunities, supplier development resources and industry networking initiatives. 

WSN is supported by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), which leads economic development efforts for the state by providing resources, operational support and financial assistance to companies, partners and communities in Wisconsin. Working with more than 600 partners across the state, including regional economic development organizations, academic institutions and industry clusters, WEDC develops and delivers solutions that help businesses, communities and people maximize their potential In Wisconsin®

It's through this collaboration that the WSN was first introduced. The New North, our regional economic development partner covering the 18 counties in northeast Wisconsin, was instrumental in launching WSN (formerly known as the Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace) as a supplier diversification initiative intended to develop supplier resiliency and help offset the cyclical nature of national defense spending. Due to the tremendous response and desire to scale, New North and WEDC worked together to expand the platform as a statewide resource supporting all regions in assisting supplier and buyer connections while helping diversify new growth in key driver and emerging industry sectors.